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humble luxury for your skin


Hello lovers of natural and handmade goodness! Seazen strives for one thing: provide that small burst of joy throughout your day that you deserve. Each product is handmade and meticulously thought-out to provide something you will love. With each experience comes an aroma therapeutic scent, and the feeling of nourishment. Feel hydrated and rejuvenated after each use.

We want you to embrace your natural beauty. Our handmade products not only have the highest quality ingredients, but also the healing energy that will encourage you to love yourself.

Why natural? We often forget that nature offers us rich resources for healing and keeping our skin healthy and hydrated, and Seazen wants to embrace nature's humble luxury. Our Soaps and Skin Butters use 100% natural ingredients from the highest quality organic gardens that you cannot get from your average body shop.


Hello! Welcome to my brand, Seazen.

I have always had a love for natural and handcrafted goods, but before launching this brand I was working as an executive in the fashion industry for over 30 years. I know a few tips and tricks about how to make people look and feel good – but most importantly, I know how stressful everyday life can be for most people. We all put ourselves last to take care of. We forget to love ourselves as who we are. We have no time for making ourselves feel good.

I know the feeling. I also know the feeling of being joyous and free.


My sincere hope is that our products will bring a small joy into your day. I’ll be honored if our product can help remind or awaken your sense of self-love once more.

Much love,


Founder of Seazen


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