• Choose a stage from 3 different CBD strengths. This CBD oil has not only CBD but Arnica & Calendula infused oil for anti-inflammation, Argan Oil, and Jojoba Oil which helps your skin absorb CBD more deeply. It's great for skin inflammation, muscle and Joints pain, plus great for building a stronger immune system, relaxing muscles, ensuring quality sleep, and body aches. 


    Essential I roll-on:  You can take this roll-on everywhere you go. This is a lifesaver. Easy to apply on the go.

    Essential I: It's your 1st time for CBD. Works well for minor pain, skin inflammation. Great for massage oil. Rub it on your temples to relax before you go to sleep. Contains US-grown Hemp-derived CBD isolate about 300mg in 2 oz jar.

    Essential II: Need a bit more help to manage your problem? Try this. You will feel more at ease. Contains US-grown Hemp-derived CBD isolate about 600mg in 2 oz jar.

    Essential III: If you have an acute situation or feel you could use a stronger dose than Essential II. This is for you. Contains US-grown Hemp-derived CBD isolate about 900mg in 2 oz jar.


    Directions: Rub an ample amount on a problem area. 

    Best use is after your shower/bath. 


    Unit: 1 2 fl oz bottle or 1 10ml roll-on bottle

    Comes in a 2 fl oz bottle or 10ml roll-on bottle

    Essential - CBD Oil for pain

    • Allergy Warning: Some people are allergic to natural ingredients and any ingredient in our products. Should first test the product on a small sop of the skin before your use. Seazen LLC is not responsible for any individual reaction to any ingredients in our product.

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      Shelf-Life : Because our products are made from natural ingredients and have no chemical preservatives, Please use the product within 10 months from your purchase.

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