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  • Choose a stage from 3 different CBD strengths. This CBD Salve is curated for joint pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, and cramps that may come from Arthritis or simply being overworked. 

    Has a great effect on migraine as well.

    Please do not use it for open wounds nor eyes.


    Freedom I: Works well for minor pain and skin inflammation. Contains US-grown Hemp-derived CBD isolate about 800mg in 2 oz jar.

    Freedom II: Need a bit more help to manage your problem? Try this. YOu will feel more at ease. Contains US-grown Hemp-derived CBD isolate about 1200mg in 2 oz jar.

    Freedom III: If you have an acute situation or feel you could use a stronger dose than stage II. This is for you. Contains US-grown Hemp-derived CBD isolate about 1600mg in 2 oz jar.


    Direction: Generously rub along your spine and problem areas. For headaches and migraines, generously rub around your neck, shoulders, and from your spine to nape. For leg cramps and neuropathy, rub the aching area and spine.


    Unit: One 2fl oz jar

    'Freedom' - CBD Salve

    • Returns & Refunds: We strive to make your experience positive. If you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund your purchase in 30days from posted date. Please send it back with original package and your receipt. Regretfully we cannot refund nor responsible for shipping cost. If there is any comment, please send it at

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